The Nida Centre for Advanced Research on Translation —a new configuration within FUSP—brings together among the most preeminent and innovative scholars in the field, scholars from all over the world with the aim of practicing and stimulating research on translation, creating and encouraging original, innovative reflection on what translation is and where it takes place. 

The Centre is directed by Siri Nergaard and is structured around an operational board and an advisory board, whose members   represent distinctive perspectives on translation and are dislocated in different geographical areas of the world.

The Centre aims to be a "thinktank" for translation, a place where scholars can meet physically or digitally, discuss and deliberate, work together, and promote studies and encounters of various types, from closed seminars to conferences, from digital meetings to on-site workshops.

Among its activities, the Centre is responsible for the yearly Summer School, a continuation of the erstwhile Nida School of Translation Studies (NSTS), for the new open access digital version of the international peer-reviewed journal translation. a transdisciplinary journal, and for the new version of the NYU symposium, which is held every year in NYC in collaboration with New York University.

The Centre has come into being during the Pandemic—which is so radically (re)shaping our lives—and necessarily takes advantage of how we are learning to come together despite imposed physical distancing. Its activities are therefore a combination of the opportunities afforded by both online and on-site meetings.

24 June – 28 June 2024: The FUSP – Nida Centre for Advanced Research on Translation invites advanced graduate students to online gatherings with a hybrid format: via virtual access from anywhere in the world, students will participate in an ongoing dialogue with faculty who will gather in person. The title of our summer school – Translation in a Turbulent World II: Translation and/as Collaboration – echoes the ongoing discussion about translation as an active node in the geopolitical and microsocial spheres as the world around us grapples with war, colonization and decolonization, power asymmetries, language asymmetries and emergent technologies and proffered techno-utopias. We welcome you to bring your innovative research and share your questions with our constantly expanding scholarly community! For full details, application, and contact click here