translation: a transdisciplinary journal, our international peer-reviewed journal, is inaugurating a new season and will be moving online in open access form. 

The journal was founded in 2011 by leading translation studies scholars in collaboration with the Nida Institute and the San Pellegrino University Foundation (FUSP). It published seven seminal issues before it was interrupted. These seven issues are all now accessible in the journal’s new online version. 

Our intention is to reprise and advance the ambitions declared in the programmatic article "translation. A new paradigm" by Siri Nergaard and Stefano Arduini and published in the journal’s inaugural issue:

With this new journal the editors attempt to go beyond disciplinary borders, and specifically beyond the bounds of translation studies. We invite original thinking about what translation is today and where translation occurs. We welcome new concepts that speak about translation and hope to reshape translation discourse within these new terms and ideas. To achieve this goal, we must go beyond the traditional borders of the discipline, and even beyond interdisciplinary studies. We propose the inauguration of a transdisciplinary research field with translation as an interpretive as well as operative tool. We imagine a sort of new era that could be termed posttranslation studies, where translation is viewed as fundamentally transdisciplinary, mobile, and open ended. The "post" here recognizes a fact and a conviction: new and enriching thinking on translation must take place outside the traditional discipline of translation studies. The time is past when we can maintain the usual borders of translation studies, just as the time is past when in a more general way we can close the borders of certain disciplines and exclude translation discourse from entering their intellectual space. (8– 9)

The journal’s editorial board:

Siri Nergaard (University of Florence) (editor-in-chief)

Stefano Arduini (Link Campus University), Antonia Carcelén-Estrada (Universidad San Francisco de Quito), Salvatore Mele (FUSP), Babli Moitra Saraf (University of Delhi), Giuliana Schiavi (FUSP), Carolyn Shread (Mount Holyoke College), Michelle Woods (SUNY New Paltz).

The journal’s advisory board coincides with the Research Centre's and includes many of the members of the journal’s previous edition.