The Summer School takes over from the former NSTS summer school that was held in Misano Adriatico, Italy, from 2007 to 2019 and, in its renewed form, FUSP will be the only organizer.

Every year in May, the Centre welcomes young scholars from all corners of the world. For two weeks they will be involved in classes, presentations, discussions, and debates where perspectives and methodologies, disciplinary boundaries and theoretical approaches are both challenged and debated. They will have the opportunity to meet and learn from leading international scholars, and they will be encouraged to develop original thinking on all forms of translation. The Centre’s advisory board selects the themes that will be the focus of each Summer School.

Although we highly value the importance of physical encounters, in its post-Pandemic version the Summer School will be organized in combined form, with online and on-site gatherings to give people the opportunity to participate without necessarily travelling.

The first edition of the Summer School is being planned for May 2022.