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Legal English

Corso di formazione linguistica in Legal English per l’Ordine degli Avvocati della provincia di Rimini

Il corso di Legal English, proposto dalla Fondazione Unicampus San Pellegrino e dalla Scuola Superiore dei Lions Clubs "Maurizio Panti", è stato accreditato dal Consiglio dell'Ordine degli avvocati di Rimini, consentendo ai partecipanti di maturare 20 crediti formativi.

Riconciliarsi con Babele o la sfida della traduzione

Pubblichiamo l'intervento del professore Stefano Arduini scritto in occasione della celebrazione dei 30 anni della Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici San Pellegrino.

Il testo introduce la pubblicazione, presto disponibile, che raccoglie gli interventi dei relatori intervenuti nella giornata del 3 dicembre 2016.

7th Annual Translation Studies Research Symposium


Friday, October 20, 2017

New York University - Woolworth Building


VI Symposium NSTS

30 settembre – 1° ottobre 2016

Woolworth Building, New York University

La Nida School of Translation Studies, in collaborazione con la Fondazione San Pellegrino e la New York University, promuove il VI Symposium di ricerca sulla traduzione.

Deep Translation: Time and Transformation

Friday, September 30, 2016

The Nida School of Translation Studies seeks to advance research in translation through active collaboration with researchers from around the globe, bringing together varying perspectives and methodologies, challenging traditional disciplinary boundaries, and encouraging original thinking about what translation is and where it takes place in a globalized world. As part of this effort, each fall since 2011, NSTS has held a high-level research symposium in New York City, bringing into dialogue varied perspectives on an established theme. At each gathering, two preeminent authorities in the field present their research and observations, and two equally distinguished scholars are invited to respond. Since 2015, the Center for Applied Liberal Arts at NYU's School of Professional Studies has joined forces with NSTS and the San Pellegrino Foundation (Italy) to carry forward this tradition of scholarly confluence in New York City.


1st NYU Translation Day Symposium

Art, Access and Advocacy

Saturday, October 1, 2016

In celebration of International Translation Day (the Feast of Saint Jerome) and the 5th year of the NYU Master's in Translation program, SPS Center for Applied Liberal Arts will hold a 1st NYU Translation Day Symposium as part of a twin conference with the Nida School of Translation Studies, Sep. 30-Oct 1, 2016. This event, it is hoped, will mark the birth of an annual touch down tradition for the New York and NYU translation community an opportunity for scholars and practitioners to converge and bring into discourse a spectrum of academic knowledge and industry experience in the theory and practice of translation and interpreting. This annual symposium held on or around International Translation Day will feature the work of our faculty and outstanding alumni as well industry experts and scholars of the field.

6th Annual NSTS Research Symposium